AdvOL Student Seminars and Defences
George Manoussakis, May 16, 2017, 15:30-16:00, ITB 201
Speaker:    George Manoussakis

Title:  Listing all fixed length simple cycles and paths in sparse graphs in optimal time 
AdvOL Optimization Seminars
Reza Samavi, September 19, 2017, 16:30-17:30, ITB 201
Speaker:   Reza Samavi
Department of Computing and Software
McMaster University

Title:  Audit log optimization for accountability and compliance checking
Fields Institute Industrial Optimization Seminar, June 6, 2017
Speakers:   Yuriy Zinchenko (University of Calgarys)
Pooyan Shirvani (TD Bank)

On the first Tuesday of each month, the Industrial Optimization Seminar is held at the Fields Institute. See the seminar series website for further information.
Thursday, 17 August 2017
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Oleksandr Romanko - MITACS Elevate Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Oleksandr Romanko has been awarded a MITACS Elevate Post-Doctoral Fellowship to be held at McMaster University and Algorithmics Inc. He is among six researchers at McMaster who received funding through the Government of Canada's new Elevate program with MITACS Inc. Oleksandr works along with Antoine Deza at McMaster and Quantitative Research Group at Algorithmics Inc. on projects related to optimization in finance and risk management. Oleksandr Romanko was profiled in The Hamilton Spectator article on July 31, 2010. The postdoctoral program is highlighted at McMaster daily news, Faculty of Engineering and the Department of Computing and Software.
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