AdvOL Student Seminars and Defences
Michael Liut, March 28, 2019, 15:30-16:30, ITB 201
Speaker:   Michael Liut
Department of Computing and Software
McMaster University

Title:  Computing Lyndon Array
AdvOL Optimization Seminars
Dalibor Froncek, March 28, 2019, 16:30-17:30, ITB 201
Speaker:   Dalibor Froncek
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Minnesota Duluth

Title:  Magic type labelings of cycle products
Fields Institute Industrial Optimization Seminar,June 18th, 2019
Speakers:   Qi Zhang (University of Minnesota)
Richard Mastragostino (Corning Incorporated)

The Industrial Optimization Seminar is held at the Fields Institute. See the seminar series website for further information.
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Saturday, 24 August 2019
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File Icon Computational Framework for the Generalized Berge Sorting Conjecture
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