M.Sc. Computer Science candidate
Supervisor: Dr. Antoine Deza

Advanced Optimization Laboratory
Department of Computing and Software
Information Technology Building
McMaster University

1280 Main Street West
Hamilton, Ontario Canada L8S 4K1

Tel.: 1-(905)-525-9140 ext. 27248
e-mail: indikg [at] mcmaster.ca


Parallel implementation for orbitwise vertex enumeration algorithms
A polyhedron is a set of solutions to a finite system of linear inequalities. The vertex enumeration problem consists of taking such system of linear inequalities that defines the polyhedron and output its vertices. For degenerate and high dimensional polyhedra this problem is usually solved by algorithms using the Fourier-Motzkin double description method. My work involves enhancing, implementing and parallelizing newly introduced enumeration algorithms for combinatorial polytopes with large symmetry groups in order to tackle problems that until now have been intractable.

Key words: parallel computing, enumeration algorithms, combinatorial polyhedra.

Teaching assistantship