Dr. rer. nat. Kiel, 2004

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
161 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2S8

Phone: 416-594-8773
Email: zhanghu {AT} optlab [DOT] mcmaster [DOT] ca
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Physically I have left academia, and have started working in industry. After doing research on mathematics, computer science and aerospace engineering for more than ten years, I am now working on finance, still with mathematical tools (algorithms, data structures, numerical methods and etc.). However, I still keep connection with academia. For instance, from time to time I serve as a referee of some journals or conferences. I also have some publications with my current affiliation. The views expressed in these papers, however, are those of the authors and not necessarily those of my current affiliation. Maybe one day I will return back to academia. Nothing is really deterministic, and we are following some kind of processes, say, Brownian motion.

In addition, you may find something about myself for fun (including two unexpected facts) at here. There is also some secret under the picture on this page. Enjoy!

Finally, for applicants: Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, I cannot provide you any opportunities of admission or internship now. If you are really interested in my work, please contact my coauthors, or the authors of the papers in my reference lists. Good luck!

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